Carefully designed to perfectly complement the books, stimulate conversation on critical world issues, develop critical thinking, and leadership.

  • Includes 8 Modules

  • Each lesson is adaptive for students age 5-10

  • Fun, interactive activities and worksheets.

  • Culturally relevant, culturally diverse curricula

  • Increases literacy rates and improves test scores.

  • Supplement for intensive reading intervention programs.

  • Strengthens reading, writing, speaking, and academics.

  • Promotes optimistic thinking, self-awareness, social awareness, leadership, and personal responsibility.

  • More than 40 entertaining, engaging lessons can be shortened or lengthened to meet instructional needs.

  • Parent testing and educator-approved.

  • Books have been used in educational institutions, homeschools, and households around the world.

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copyright. 2023 Live Your Song. All right reserved

copyright. 2023 Live Your Song. All right reserved