An education software and publishing company, Live Your Song develops tailored programs for teaching special needs children about the power of voice. By discovering their voice, children develop the skills they need to overcome barriers and be their own heroes. Learn how you can get our programs into your classroom or home.

In our village, we value critical thinking.   3/4 employers struggle to recruit individuals with critical thinking. In the new-gig economy, unique human values like critical thinking are in high demand.

The best way to foster critical thinking is through our personalized and innovative learning approach.   We also know every child can be a leader.   Research shows that leadership in children develops social interactions, self-advocacy, and, helps them become responsible adults.   We are here to unleash your child’s voice, and in this way, their inner leader.

We value inclusivity, diversity, and social impact. Our products and services are culturally diverse and are carefully crafted to ensure each child has a place with us.  With Live Your Song, you cannot go wrong.  

A Foundation For Equity and Access

Live Your Song offers a range of resource and services, including:


Technology, learning materials, and supplies to schools, parents, and caregivers of special needs learners in underrepresented communities. 


Professional development for education institutions to help educators and teams develop adult social and emotional learning (SEL) skills so they can model the same skills to students.


Sponsorships to parents and corporations who may want to sponsor a child with special needs or support our events and programming. 

Why Live Your Song?

We Empower Children

Our program teaches critical thinking, leadership, and self-advocacy.

We Transform Classrooms

Get children excited and engaged in learning through music, expression, and creativity. 

We Prepare For The Future

Help children develop the skills and resilience to navigate disruptions such as COVID, AI, and emerging technologies.

About Us

Live your song is a leading Ed-Tech company that loves inspiring children of ages 5 to 12. The company was founded in 2017 with the core belief that all children can thrive if given the educational opportunity.



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